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Frequently Asked Questions

What time do you stop serving food & wine?

Our kitchen closes 30 minutes prior to posted closing times.

Last call for all other orders including wine and beer is 15 minutes prior to posted closing times.

Are reservations required?

Most of our property is open for your enjoyment without requiring a reservation. You're welcome to experience all that we have to offer both indoors and outdoors. However, if you prefer guaranteed seating with table-side service for your group, we do offer a select number of reserved tables available on weekends.

Are you family/child friendly?

Guests of all ages are welcome in our Tasting Room! For families with children, we kindly ask that you keep them supervised during your visit. As a working farm, we advise against running around barefoot. Additionally, we kindly request that everyone shows respect for Mother Nature by refraining from touching the vines/grapes and disposing of litter responsibly. Thank you for helping us maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for all our guests.


Can I bring my dog?

You are welcome to bring your leashed dog to the Tasting Room, both inside and out. 

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Outside food and drinks are not permitted on the premises. However, we offer an extensive menu featuring a variety of options, including gluten-free and vegetarian choices, as well as a well-stocked marketplace with snacks and soft drinks for your convenience. Please note that we do allow outside celebratory cakes or desserts to be brought in for special occasions.

Outside Alcohol?

Quite simply... NO!  It's illegal and you will be asked to leave the property.

Do You Serve Non-Alcoholic Drinks?

Yes we have a variety of soft drinks, sparkling waters, fruit juices, chocolate milk, and Non-Alcoholic (NA) Beers.

Can we play outdoor games on the property?

We do allow outdoor games such as frisbee or cornhole on the property, but please stay away from the vines.


As a member of the Wine Club am I able to swap wines?

While our clubs are designed to accommodate your preferences, you are always welcome to swap for a different wine. You will either pay, or be reimbursed, the difference.

When are Reservations & Rentals available?

All of our outside table reservations are made available between April and November. Ruby Club members may reserve a table anywhere year round.

What forms of ID are required?

Primary forms of acceptable ID are ones issued by the DMV, US passport, and Military ID.  Guests visiting from abroad must show a valid passport from their country - we do not accept pictures or copies of any ID.


Regular parking lines the entire driveway. Handicap spots are available behind the tasting room with wheelchair access.  Large vans, buses, and limousines: Please drop your guests off at the entrance with the welcome sign at the top of the driveway before you pass the main Tasting Room building to the designated parking area:

• Please take care to not block the entrance, as this drop-off point is in the middle of our main parking lot.

• Proceed past the Tasting Room on your right and the house on your left, and continue down to the winery/brewery (the buildings with the silo and large ‘H’ logo).

• Park here while you wait for your guests OR turn around towards the overflow parking by the entrance.

• The winery/brewery lot and the overflow lot are the only places you may park over-sized vehicles.

Professional Photography?

We love our beautiful property and views, and we want you to share it: @hillsboroughwine

We ask that Formal photography (such as photo shoots or engagement photos) please call the tasting room to request permission. We request that:

  • photographs are taken during business hours.

  • do not disturb or include any other customers in the photographs without consent.

  • any photographs taken (especially with our wine or beer in them) be shared or tagged with @hillsboroughwine on Social Media. 

  • for behind the scenes, check-in with staff for any happenings in production areas

Do you make your own wine and beer?

Yes, all of our wines are 100% Estate grown and produced.  The winery is located in the building with the silo, which is located on the private end of the property.  The beers are crafted in the building right next to the winery.  RSVP for our next winery or brewery event to experience the behind-the-scenes of both!

Can we eat or purchase the grapes or the grape leaves?

No!!  Our grapes have thick skins, and seeds, which would be bitter to most. They and the leaves are specifically for viticulture and winemaking, therefore we do not sell or give them in raw form to the public.

How old is the actual vineyard?

The vines were planted by the Baki family in 2001, which was when the property was purchased. The tasting room opened to the public for the sale of wine in 2003!

What do you age your wines in, steel or oak?

We use neutral French Oak, Acacia Wood & stainless steel barrels for the white wine. For the red wine, we use only the neutral French Oak.

Where do the following varieties grown on the property originate from: Roussanne, Petit Manseng, Fer Servadou, and Tannat?

Roussanne: Rhone Valley Grape.

Petit Manseng: Jurancon which is north of the Pyreenes mountain range.

Fer Servadou: From a sub-region in SW France called Gaillac.

Tannat: Madiran region is SW France.

These grapes thrive here as our soil is of similar terroir as the regions mentioned above.

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