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Resident Artist

Zeynep Baki

Zeynep Baki is an international and locally renowned artist born and raised in Bursa, Turkey.  Painting had always been her passion even from an early age.  She trained in Izmir under the tutelage of her beloved mentor, Internationally prominent artist Cevat Sakir, affectionately known as the “Fisherman of Halicarnassus.”  Zeynep clearly remembers that he “taught me to see light, shadow, and form. And to actually feel it.”

A few years later, she married, had two sons, and decided in 1978 to move their family to the suburbs of Washington, D.C.  When the family first settled in Vienna, VA, Zeynep decided to further her study of art at George Washington University.  Several courses quickly turned into a few semesters, and her unique style began to emerge.  A few years later she joined The Art League in Alexandria, VA.

After her husband retired and children finished college, Zeynep and her husband moved to rural Purcellville, VA, where they opened a boutique winery, Hillsborough Vineyards. To stay more involved with the artist community near her home, Zeynep joined the Loudoun Sketch Club. Through this club she has become good friends with many of the local artists and has chaired the exhibit & show committee at the vineyard for the past ten years. Zeynep has her studio in west wing of the main house, which overlooks the vineyards and the beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. She displays her artwork in the Hillsborough Vineyards tasting room and at various local art shows. Working mainly in oil and pastels, Zeynep creates breathtaking landscapes, vibrant farm animal scenes, and much more on canvas.

Her paintings are held in private collections across the United States, Turkey, and Amsterdam. In May 2012, the cultural circle of Wallauer Frachwerk e.V in Germany and the Franklin Park Art Center in Purcellville, VA teamed together for an art show entitled “Loudoun County’s Countryside” in which a select number of Loudoun artists had their art work on exhibited in Main-Taunus, Germany, Loudoun County’s sister county in Germany.  More recently, Zeynep has been involved in putting together art shows to benefit the restoration of the Old Stone School in Hillsboro.

Prints Available

Take Zeynep's artwork home

Prints of select artwork from Zeynep's collection are available for sale in our Tasting Room or by contacting us.

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