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Our History

Grounds dating back to the late 1700's

The grounds at Hillsborough have exchanged some interesting hands over the years and the house and Tasting Room are a little more mature than your average winery. George William Fairfax, son of Col. William Fairfax, originally owned the land. George William, a close childhood friend of our first President George Washington, lived together for a while at the Fairfax’s estate in Mount Vernon.

George William Fairfax sold the land to James Nelson in 1778 and it exchanged hands several times until David Lovett bought the plot in 1812. One of 11 children, David built the original 2 story field-stone house on the land in early 1820. The adjacent barn, which now serves as the Tasting Room, was built sometime later in that decade.

Exchanging hands furthermore, the land was purchased by Mr. William B. Curtis in the early 1900’s. Mr. Curtis built the 1-1/2 story field stone addition to both sides of the original house around 1940. In the early 1950’s, Hans Rudolph Stamm was commissioned to build the remainder of the house. The present owners, The Baki family, completed final renovations to both the house and Tasting Room in early 2003. And lastly, adding a Brewery addition in 2018.

Tasting Room

Experience the Revolution

As you enter our historic circa 1840’s stone tasting room you will be escorted into our HV Lounge where our seated tasting options will provide a memorable experience guided by one of our Hillsborough Wine Chefs. You can order wines by a flight, a glass or the bottle.

Wine Bottle
The Vineyard

In Harmony with Terroir

Of the 36 acres located in Hillsboro Virginia, over 12 acres are planted with vines split into three fields. The West field located just past the Civil War era stone wall is planted with Fer Servadou a red French grape. The upper East field is planted with Petit Verdot & Tannat...

Yoga Class
Our Story

Meet the Baki's

The Baki family bought the property in 2001 with the hopes of creating a vineyard and winery with the help of their son, Kerem, who at the time was studying Enology at Virginia Tech.  The family began their dream by planting each vine by hand in 2003.

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