Kerem’s Winemaking Philosophy…

Terroir, comes from the word “terre” which is French for “soil”.

Terroir inspired Winemaking is the concept by which wine is made in the vineyard; the sense of place (specific vineyard), shapes and influences the wine. The wine in the bottle is a direct representation of the quality of the grapes that are grown and of the site where it is grown.

This is very different than commercial winemaking where the juice and wine is manipulated to serve mass public trends.
Inherently, Terroir Winemaking will always produce a more complex, unique, and interesting product. Grape varietal, and the influences of the grape grower, and the winemaker affect the quality of the wine, however there are other influences that go beyond these. The composition of the soil, the aspect of the land, the precise climate and weather where the vineyard is located, and its physical geography all are elements of Terroir. In Terroir inspired winemaking, all these elements are taken into account when selecting grape varietals and clones best adapted for the Terroir.

Ultimately, the winemaker brings out the expression of the wine’s terroir.

The Wines:
  Our wines are divided into two different categories to satisfy two different groups of clientele. Sometimes the same person will gravitate to both product styles depending on the occasion. We regard such individuals as the Ultimate Hillsborough Customer who will always offer us great appreciation for our craft.
It is important that we make a clear distinction between the two styles.

1. The Hillsborough Vineyards Collection: 
Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Serefina, White Merlot, Ruby’s Blush, Moonstone

2. The Hillsborough Reserves: 
Carnelian, Opal, Bloodstone, Petit Verdot, Ruby, Onyx

The HV Collection consists of wines that are not meant for extensive aging. They were produced with the “drink now” concept in mind; bonfires, BBQ’s, picnics, social gatherings. Perfect to enjoy out on the patio while taking in the view.

The HV Reserves are produced to create a very distinctively unique and complex product with certain aging time required. Many of these wines are not found in other wineries of the region. These are the wines that set Hillsborough Vineyards apart from other wineries in Virginia.
The HV Reserves are all about quality; wine complexity, unique yet perfectly adapted grape varietals adapted for the Hillsborough vineyards soil.

…Quality, complexity, and distinctiveness in life’s every step – peer through the wine glass and capture your moment…